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Hopeful Cancer Survival Rates & Stats to Help You Cope

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Until recently, cancer has been the worst possible diagnosis one could receive. However, according to recent cancer survival rates, some cancers are easier to beat today than 10 years ago. If you’re diagnosed with cancer or have someone in your family who’s fighting this disease, check out what the latest numbers say. The chances of […]


29 Eye-Opening Food Allergy Statistics [2022]

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A food allergy is an immune response that occurs when the body identifies a food protein as dangerous and starts battling it by creating antibodies. This results in allergic reactions ranging from hives and itching to anaphylactic shock and death. Food allergy statistics indicate that 250 million people globally suffer from at least one food […]


20 Remarkable Vegetarian Statistics for 2022

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Vegetarian statistics show that more and more people are shifting to this diet for ethical and health reasons. However, vegetarianism is more than the latest fashion tendency—societies have practiced it throughout history, hoping to achieve longevity or for religious and moral reasons. Today, it’s a personal choice driven by a rising awareness of environmental issues […]