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27 Fascinating Cosmetics Industry Statistics to Get You Ready for 2022

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The cosmetics industry includes products and service providers, such as hairdressers, barbers, makeup artists, and many more. If you’re someone who finds these products significant, keep reading. You will find everything you need to know about the cosmetics industry’s size, growth, and revenues, along with interesting and useful facts regarding beauty products. These cosmetics industry […]

26 Video Gaming Addiction Statistics to Raise Awareness [2022]

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As video gaming addiction statistics show, gaming is a favorite hobby of more than 3.24 billion people globally. People turn to video games to relax, compete, and meet new friends. Experts say that games can have great potential to hone decision-making skills, enhance multitasking ability, sharpen reflexes, and boost memory. However, video games are also […]

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31 Beauty Industry Statistics [2022] — All You Should Know

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The concept of beauty is as old as time. That’s because the first thing we notice about another person is their appearance. The beauty industry is diverse, innovative, and worth billions of dollars. Furthermore, it’s projected to grow even bigger. Beauty industry statistics show a constant increase in the cosmetic market, as people of all […]

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21 Gluten-Free Statistics — Should You Avoid Gluten? [2022]

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People opt for a gluten-free diet because of multiple benefits for conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, neurological disorder gluten ataxia, type 1 diabetes, or HIV-associated enteropathy. Furthermore, some people have celiac disease (a condition where a person’s immune system attacks their own body when they consume gluten). Although only around 1% of the world population […]

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20 Remarkable Vegetarian Statistics for 2022

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Vegetarian statistics show that more and more people are shifting to this diet for ethical and health reasons. However, vegetarianism is more than the latest fashion tendency—societies have practiced it throughout history, hoping to achieve longevity or for religious and moral reasons. Today, it’s a personal choice driven by a rising awareness of environmental issues […]

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27 Organic Food Statistics: Is It Really Healthier? [2022 Update]

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Numerous organic food statistics prove that almost 70% of Americans believe organic fruits and vegetables are healthier than conventionally grown options. So, what does organic mean, anyway? Simply put, organic food is grown without synthetic chemicals, such as human-made pesticides and fertilizers. Also, it doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms. To understand why more and more […]

28 Game-Changing E-Cigarette Usage Statistics [2021]

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E-cigarette usage statistics indicate an increased adoption among teens and adult smokers. However, while e-cigarettes can benefit adult smokers if used as a substitute for regular tobacco products, it’s debatable whether they’re a healthier alternative or more effective for quitting smoking.  We gathered the most important information regarding e-cigarettes and vaping to shed light on […]

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28 Yoga Statistics and Science-Based Facts for 2022

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Did you know that yoga is more than 3,000 years old? The reason for its popularity lies in its numerous health and spiritual benefits. Yoga is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy or deal with depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. We’re going to look at yoga statistics that show how big this […]