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20 Gym Industry Statistics For All Fitness Lovers [2021]

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We’ve all been there — you’ve eaten a bit more recently and now you’re thinking about how to stay fit or lose a few pounds. Of course, working out is beneficial even if you’re completely satisfied with your weight. However, have you ever wondered how many people across the globe work out and why? You’ll […]

35 Cannabis Statistics for 2021: All About Its Usage and Effects

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Cannabis statistics show that most of North and South America, Africa, and Europe have decriminalized it. Some countries have even legalized it for medical and recreational sale and use. Above all, cannabis is pretty popular among all generations. However, extensive research suggests that it is very appealing to the younger global population. In fact, cannabis […]

35 Surprising Beverage Industry Statistics [2021 Data]

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The beverage industry is competitive and offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, including water, beer, dairy beverages, juices, energy and sports drinks, and wine. As the latest beverage industry statistics indicate, most sectors are established in the market, but there are still opportunities for the growth of new brands to succeed and […]

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21 Sleep Apnea Statistics: How Dangerous Is It? [2021]

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If you snore way too loudly or feel tired after a full night of sleeping, you might have sleep apnea. It’s a sleep disorder where breathing starts and repeatedly stops during sleep, sometimes for longer than 10 seconds. People usually don’t take it seriously enough, and that’s precisely why you need to know more about […]

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25+ Shocking US Healthcare Statistics [2021]

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The US is one of the most powerful nations and yet has some of the greatest disparities when it comes to healthcare. Unlike many developed nations, the US does not recognize access to free healthcare as a basic human right, and as such, has some of the highest medical costs in the entire world.  The […]

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25 Game-Changing Gluten Free Statistics

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People opt for a gluten free diet because of the multiple benefits for conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, neurological disorder gluten ataxia, type 1 diabetes, or HIV-associated enteropathy. Furthermore, some people have coeliac disease (a condition where a person’s immune system attacks their own body when they consume gluten). Although only around 1% of the […]