4 Places Where You Can Hand Out Promo Items to Boost Your Brand

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Many companies use promotional marketing giveaway campaigns to reach out to new customers and foster loyalty in existing customers. Even once you’ve ordered a quality promotional item (likely in bulk), you’ll still need to answer one question: where can I actually give out my promo gifts? With this in mind, it’s important that you first target the core, tried-and-true public and private arenas where you can give out promo gifts successfully. To help you on this journey, here are the four key places where you can hand out promo items to boost your brand: 

1. Inside Your Store

Sometimes it’s best to continue your marketing efforts once you’ve already got people in your store. You can either offer them a promo gift for just coming in or pair one with their purchases. Either way, they will be thrilled to get something for free and will remember your store and brand more positively thanks to the experience. By giving out free items that will fit your store’s goods and services, your promo marketing efforts will become that much more impactful. 

For example, if you’re running a business goods store, you can hand out branded stress balls to your clientele. This will help them feel more at ease, and give them a tool for destressing during the work day. Each time they go to squeeze their brand-new, free branded stress ball, they will be thinking fondly of your brand, which will help to morph them into an incredibly loyal customer over time. 

2. At Your Offices

If you’re using promotional marketing giveaway strategies, then you should be buying your branded promo gifts in bulk. Due to this, you will sometimes have leftover promo gifts that you’re not using between campaigns. When this happens, giving out these gifts to people in your office can be a great idea. Whether they are your employees or people who just happen to share the office space, this will create a flow of positive energy. 

You can even ask people to share their promo item online or use it out in public, to give your marketing efforts a little extra push towards success. You must show those you work with that you care about them and value their time and effort, and giving away free merch to them is a fantastic way to achieve this effect. The more high-value the item you’re giving out is, the more positive energy and morale you’ll create in the workplace. 

3. At Trade Shows

Trade shows have been a massive hotspot for promo marketing campaign activities. After all, making your brand more well-known in the professional field is often the main function of these events. Be sure to bring tons of valuable goodies to your next trade show, and consider pairing them with a branded tote bag that showgoers can use to stay organized and productive during the conference. 

Since they’ll be carrying around your tote bag, or using other branded items while they’re at the trade show, you’ll be creating a “walking billboard” effect that will make your brand’s visibility spread like wildfire throughout the show floor. This can help you make more professional connections, and could even lead you to a company partnership that can help you expand your brand’s reach, and your sales, even further. This is one of the best ways to go about promotional marketing giveaways, so be sure to use this strategy next time you go to a trade show. 

4. In a Public Square

Sometimes you simply need to go out and shake hands with potential customers in real life. If you can find a public square (preferably one with commerce around), and remain non-aggressive in your outreach efforts, you can give out tons of promo items in a short period. Your presence at the public square alone will help to make the public more aware of your company and brand (especially if you bring a sign that helps to identify who you are from far away). 

For companies that deal in larger, more expensive products, this can be a great way to instantly reach out to people who may be in the market for your type of goods and/or services. Just make sure you always stay professional, kind, and respectable when using this approach, or you could accidentally make a bad impression, and hurt your brand’s reputation instead of promoting it. The more effort and kindness you put into handing out promo items in the public sphere, the more likely your efforts are to bring in tons of new, high-value customers.