The company takes full control of the entire chain of production and distribution, from “soil to oil,” ensuring product safety and purity. It only sources hemp plants with stable genetics and makes sure that toxins, pesticides, and herbicides play no part in the production process.

And that’s not all:

The company also prioritizes the quality of manufacturing. It works closely with leading industry bodies, including the Cannabis Research Foundation and the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation. This puts it a couple of steps ahead of the rest of the competition. 

The numbers are there to prove it:

In 2018, the company achieved an astonishing 576% year-on-year growth and had an annual revenue of $9.8 million. So, it’s one of the fastest-growing producers in the country and seeks to bring a new level of quality and professionalism to the industry. 

What Does Pure Spectrum Provide?

The company is most famous for its mission to provide the world with pure CBD products, free from THC and other compounds typically associated with hemp-derivatives. 

The company’s most popular items include cannabidiol tinctures, pure CBD isolates, CBD bath soak, CBD daily moisturizing full body lotion, and CBD salves for topical application. The brand claims that it has a product “for all lifestyles." 

To that end:

It targets the senior with arthritis just as much as the young backpacking adventurer with sore feet. 

Pure Spectrum’s pricing is roughly comparable to that of the competition. However, some of its products that are considerably more expensive than the alternative. 

Why pay extra? Because you’re getting the Pure Spectrum brand backing up your purchase. 

How Can You Use Pure Spectrum Coupons, and How Much Can You Save with each Type of Offer?

Getting money off your next Pure Spectrum order is surprisingly simple. At, we offer the latest Pure Spectrum CBD discount codes. You can save anywhere between 10% and 35% or get a flat discount, depending on the coupon. More about that in a bit.


Pure Spectrum offers military, veterans, and first-responder discounts. However, it does not specify Pure Spectrum discounts for US veterans and military service members upfront. To apply for the discount, you need to type in your name, email, and upload a “proof of service,” such as a valid Veteran photo ID card. 

How Can You Save More With Holiday Shopping Coupons and Discounts?

Pure Spectrum does not currently offer any holiday, Black Friday, or clearance sales or cut prices on its products. In 2019, though, the brand did offer coupons for money off on Cyber Monday. Shoppers could earn an extra 40% off storewide, taking advantage of the brand’s high-quality, THC-free products and third-party testing.  

Popular Deals and CBD Coupon Codes

Pure Spectrum CBD coupon deals tend to rotate throughout the year. Sometimes, customers can get significant sums of money off products. The regular deals, however, tend to be in the 10% range. Here are some examples of long-running available Pure Spectrum coupons, including Pure Spectrum first time offers

  • 10% off any tincture
  • Flat 10% off tinctures
  • 10% off isolate blends
  • 10% discount on a trial purchase at Pure Spectrum
  • 10% discount on salves
  • 10% discount on cartridge products

Here are some examples of deals that you can get at certain times in the year: 

  • 20% off your order on all CBD products until midnight (of a particular date of the year)
  • 35% off Pure Spectrum CBD oil coupon code
  • Save money on orders above $130

Upcoming Sales 

The brand has not confirmed any upcoming sales. There is, however, a sale on at Pure Spectrum’s vendor Ice Head Shop. 

Where Can You Shop for Pure Spectrum Products?

Pure Spectrum is available from a variety of outlets, as well as the brand’s site. 

You can shop for the company’s products at Ice Head Shop and Natural Wellness CBD Oil. Your Pure Spectrum coupon code, however, may not be valid for third-party sites. 


Pure Spectrum isn’t alone in the hemp product market. Plenty of other brands are now vying for market share, looking for opportunities to make big profits as the industry expands. Competitors include firms like Joy Organics, Ananda Hemp, Green Roads, Lazarus Naturals, Balance CBD, Charlotte’s Web, Koi, Premium Jane, and NuLeaf Naturals (a natural supplements & herb brand).

How to Get Familiar with Pure Spectrum?

Pure Spectrum doesn’t offer sample products. So, if you want to find out more about what the company does and its offerings, your best bet is to pick a product that stands the best chance of benefiting you and give it a go. If you need CBD oil, don’t forget to search for a Pure Spectrum oil coupon

Top picks from the brand include: 

  • Black Label Cannabidiol Oil
  • Recover: High Concentration Salve
  • Recharge: Magnesium Bath Soak
  • Liniment Pain Relief Cream (one of its 1850 Hemp Co. products)
  • EndoPet oil for dogs - fine Pure Spectrum hemp

The brand focuses mainly on pain relief. 

What Do People Think about Pure Spectrum?

Because Pure Spectrum sells products across a variety of vendors, regular reviewers (not just magazine editors) can have their say about what they think of the product. So far, people have been delighted. The most common feedback is that it offers exceptional quality and that it’s effective, especially when it comes to pain relief. 

Bloggers have also investigated the product. Remedy Reviews, for instance, liked the fact that the product used up-to-date lab test results and came with military and veteran discounts. (A nice touch since these are the people most likely to require the products). They didn’t, however, like the omission of chemical and pesticide results in the company’s certificates of analysis. Given that the brand prides itself on the fact that its products are chemical-free, this should have been included. 

Q: How often does Pure Spectrum release new coupon codes?

Pure Spectrum and its partners release new Spectrum coupon codes every month, averaging about nine over four weeks. Most of the year, the company offers discounts in the 10% range. On special days, however, you can find discounts of up to 50% on some of its products, especially items that are reduced to clear. This is comparable to a Green Mountain CBD promo code. Spectrum promotional deals rarely come out faster than this. 

Q: How much can I save by using a coupon at Pure Spectrum?

Typically, savings average around 35% percent, but they can go as high as 50% in some cases. Currently, the savings on Pure Spectrum coupons range between 10 and 50%. Lower savings in the 10% range tend to continue year-round. To get higher savings, you usually need to order your products within a shorter time frame - for instance, before midnight. 

Q: How do I get the latest deals from Pure Spectrum?

There are several ways to get the latest Pure Spectrum CBD deals. First, you can subscribe to the company’s monthly newsletter. This periodical provides information on the brand's latest products and what it’s planning to do next. At, we offer the latest Spectrum promo codes.