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$15 Off Orders Over $100

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If you want to enjoy clean water while saving the environment from plastic waste, Clatterans water filters are the right fit for you!

Clatterans Coupon Code 2020

Health aficionados all over the world are flocking to Clatterans every day. That is why numerous coupons are floating around, ready to back you up at the start of your Clatterans shopping journey. Read on to find out about the deals you can get your hands on. 

Types of Clatterans Promo Codes 

From what we’ve seen, the most common deal you can encounter online is the 10% off Clatterans coupon code. Such code is usually applicable sitewide. What’s more, some of these codes include free shipping as well. 

When it comes to coupons covering the select products, you can find discounts ranging from 25% to a whopping 65%. 

How to Find Clatterans Coupon Codes

The Clatterans website doesn’t have a separate page dedicated to Clatterans water filter discount codes. However, Clatterans is known to have posted promo codes on its social media. Thus, it is best to follow the Clatterans social media profiles to be one of the first to enjoy its discount offers. 

That said, you can always find a valid Clatterans coupon on the third-party coupon websites. The codes found there are usually verified and ready to be applied. 

Discounts for Subscribing to the Clatterans Newsletter 

Along with helpful newsletters, the brand will send you updates on “Best Deal of the Day,” with the help of which you could discover the most heavily-reduced items. What’s more, you can opt for a weekly update that includes members-only promotional offers, birthday gifts, Clatterans welcome coupons, and so much more.

How to Redeem a Clatterans Coupon Code

Take the following steps to redeem your coupon:

  1. Copy the code you’ve found 
  2. Go to the Clatterans website and add the desired items to the cart
  3. Proceed to the checkout
  4. Paste the Clatterans discount code in the designated field
  5. Click “Apply Coupon” to activate the code

It should be noted that you can only use a Clatterans discount coupon for a single transaction. However, some special codes can be used unlimitedly for a fixed period. 

Also, the website will not display an error message if your Clatterans coupon code is wrong or expired. The easiest way to verify your code is by checking the total price for any reductions.

How to Save Without a Clatterans Coupon

The best thing about Clatterans is that you get to buy high-quality water filters at affordable prices. But it gets even better when you learn that almost every product on the Clatterans website is put on sale quite often. 

Below are some of the alternative ways to save up when shopping at Clatterans without a Clatterans coupon at hand. 

Clatterans Seasonal and Holiday Discounts

Each year, Clatterans offers massive discounts on certain holidays, as well as throughout particular seasons. For instance, its Independence Day and Father’s Day promotions usually come with exciting discounts that make the already affordable products even cheaper. Other holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are worth your attention too. Be on the lookout by signing up for the Clatterans newsletter and following its social media. 

Clatterans Flash Sales

Say, you aren’t into searching for Clatterans coupons, and you prefer the thrill of competing with others for a sought-after discount in real-time. Well, then Clatterans flash sales might be right up your alley! 

If you are looking for a proper replacement of water filters in your refrigerator, look no further! In the past, Clatterans offered a whopping 62% off its famous refrigerator replacement water filters. 

That said, the generosity of the brand doesn’t end there! If under sink water filters is what you are on the lookout for, Clatterans might be the best choice for you. The company is known for having taken a whopping 54% off its Berkey replacement water filters and multiple other products of the same nature. 

While Clatterans might be most famous for its water filters, it also sells the best home appliances with some juicy discounts. If you cannot find a coupon for Clatterans home appliances, try to keep your eyes peeled for flash sales. For instance, some time ago, the company offered amazing discounts that took as much as 50% off appliances like air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. 

Subscribe and Save Deal

When you subscribe for auto-delivery, you get 10% off your order. What’s more, subscribers are never affected by any price increases in the future. Also, you will be able to manage the frequency of your shipments.

Clatterans Affiliate Program 

Clatterans has a fantastic affiliate program in place. Regardless of a product, you are guaranteed to receive a 20% commission for every order. You might also be delighted to learn that there is no upper limit for commissions.  

Clatterans Rewards System

If you’ve found the most fitting Clatterans water filter coupon code, and now you want to step up your cooperation with the company, how about looking into its rewards system?

The Clatterans rewards system is often referred to as “ClatteransPoints.” The points are allocated to every customer after each successful transaction. Every dollar spent earns you 1 Clatterans point, which is then credited to your account.  

Note that 1,000 points equal $10. The best part is that the amount of Clatterans points one can accumulate is unlimited. What’s more, the points can be easily redeemed at the checkout, and they will never expire.

Clatterans Free Shipping

Clatterans offers free shipping to anywhere within the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii. The company, however, does not ship to US territories and protectorates. 

Clatterans Warranty, Trial, and Return

Clatterans offers a full one-year warranty for all its products. To learn more about the policy, read the company’s Terms and Conditions

What’s more, should you find your purchased item unsatisfactory, you can return it within 30 days following the shipping date. To return a Clatterans product, send an email stating your product's model and the reason for returning it. All items must be returned in their original packages. After returning the product, an email is sent confirming its return. A refund will then be sent to your account 14 days after the return package is received. 

Stay Healthy With Clatterans

Clatterans uses high-quality coconut-shell carbon filters to ensure that your water is 99% free of unwelcome contaminants. Thanks to Clatterans, you can drink safely while saving the environment from harmful plastic bottles. Besides affordable prices and frequent sales, you can save up by using a Clatterans coupon.