About Us

We’re here to help you and your family achieve optimal health. We’ve adopted a two-pronged approach to do so.

We’ve researched many healing modalities and looked at them from an objective standpoint. We present you with the statistics from reputable sources rather than anecdotal evidence. You can follow our research easily because we provide you with our sources.

If you need to convince those around you of the soundness of a particular modality, quote our statistics to give them a wakeup call.

We understand how important information is, but we also understand how costs can add up. That’s why we’ve also compared top wellness offerings. We’ve also negotiated deals with many of the companies listed to make your journey to optimal health more affordable.

Who We Are and Why You Should Trust Us

Health and wellness are particularly important topics. We created Deals on Health to help you get the latest, accurate information on health and wellness. There’s a lot of misinformation on the web. Some of it is irresponsible, some plain dangerous.

At Deals on Health, our aim is to cut through the misinformation. We’re here to ensure that you’re able to get the right information to support your health. That’s why you won’t find any quick-fix cures or diets here.

We provide scientifically-backed information. We have a medical doctor and several wellness experts on staff to ensure that you get the right information.

Our Team

Milica Kostić - Deals on Health


Milica Kostic

Working as an RN from a young age, Milica is driven by the knowledge of general medicine, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals. Deeply observing and being engaged with society, she became interested in modern social phenomena, so she enrolled and graduated with a degree in Sociology. Today she is an interdisciplinary writer and contributor to multiple media. Even though you see her talking about cybersecurity, business, CX and finance, you can also see her advocating for vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal and human rights. She is a valuable team member of Deals on Health, focusing on content strategy and development.

Marko Miljkovic

After a series of injuries ended his basketball career, Marko began to move to the fitness world at the age of 20.  As he hit plateau several times in his quest for the dream body, Marko felt something was missing to complete the picture. Then he delved deep into the topic of proper nutrition and never looked back. 

With nine years of experience, Marko is on a mission to continually improve, pass on proper education and crush myths in nutrition and training. After a series of experiments and trial and errors on himself, he strongly advocates a diet rich in protein and healthy fats.

Marko Miljkovic - Deals on Health


Tamara Backovic - Deals on Health


Tamara Backovic

As someone who has been living a very unhealthy lifestyle a couple of years back, there comes a time when you have to put a stop to it and get moving! My fitness journey started when I got tired of just sitting on my couch and working the whole day, with back pain and a couple of extra kilos. I immersed myself in healthy living and decided to change my fitness routine, mixing everything from kick-box to yoga. Making exercise plans and studying the health habits of those around me became my daily routine and something I quite enjoy doing. That is why I decided to join the DealsOnHealth team and be a part of a project that can help people develop healthy habits.

Dusan Goljic, PharmD

Dusan is a board-certified pharmacist and a project manager in digital healthcare services. He worked for a decade in various pharma sectors: as a manager for pharmaceutical companies and as a community pharmacist. Now, he is determined to apply his knowledge and experience in providing you with the most valuable advice regarding healthcare.

Dusan Goljic - Deals on Health