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24 STD Statistics to Inspire You to Be Healthier and Wiser

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Despite the efforts to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, STD statistics reveal that more than one million STIs are acquired every day worldwide. Such data highlights the need for better information regarding STDs in order to see the bigger picture and understand the gravity of these infections. So let’s check the crucial stats on sexually transmitted […]

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41 Alarming Diabetes Statistics to Be Aware of in 2022

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Diabetes statistics reveal a worrying increase in the number of people diagnosed with the disease. An even more frightening fact is that more than half of people with diabetes are undiagnosed. Diabetes can cause various health complications, ranging from eye problems to kidney failure. Without proper management and regular check-ups, it can even lead to […]


Hopeful Cancer Survival Rates & Stats to Help You Cope

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Until recently, cancer has been the worst possible diagnosis one could receive. However, according to recent cancer survival rates, some cancers are easier to beat today than 10 years ago. If you’re diagnosed with cancer or have someone in your family who’s fighting this disease, check out what the latest numbers say. The chances of […]